Logo & Corporate Identity


Logo & Corporate Identity

Your logo is undoubtedly the most important identity of your brand. Thus understanding which type of logo will go best with your business is immensely important. Yes! Type of logo. Not all logos are same, every logo is designed with a thought behind it and it falls under a category of logos. There are basically five major type of logos i.e., Symbolic/ Iconic logos (Brand mark), Word/ Text logos (typography), Combination logos (text + symbol), Lettermark logos (initials) and Emblem logos (Text inside symbol).

Logos From Our Desk

We have designed all types of logos for companies in different domains. Our well-thought designed logos have taken care of both sides of the coin i.e., helped companies turn into legit brands and helped existing brands in enhancing their reputation. When we say we do logo designing, we do right and we do it professionally. Because when it comes to creating a brand face, there is no option of risk taking. It needs to communicate what your business sells, who you are, your values and what is it that you offer to your customers–We take care of ALL of it!


Step 1:

The first step of logo designing is analyzing the brand and its complete guidelines thus we start with thorough research.


Step 2:

Then we go ahead with sketching! Words from brands’ name will be used to inspire visual representations.


Step 3:

Once ideas began flowing onto the page in text form, visuals symbols and shapes will begin to take form.


Step 4:

The themes and text established earlier is conceptualized with all possible angles and directions.


Step 5:

Finally, the digital execution is implemented where it is further polished in different stages.